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The Scoop on Poop

“We’re pick’n up what your pet is put’n down.”

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Dog Poop - A Community Problem.  

The Tail’s End Is Your Solution to a Smelly Situation.

Picking up dog poop  - or the lack of scooping it is a hot topic at community board meetings across the country.  Let’s face it, dogs don’t scoop and unfortunately sometimes dog owners act like they don’t have that skill either. That’s where The Tail’s End comes in.

   Lots of Dogs = Lots of Poop Lots of fun

Whether your community area is a park, a Homeowners’ Association, an apartment or a condominium, we can help!

The Tail’s End provides the following services to communities:

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Commercial Pricing

Each communities needs are different. Therefore it is necessary to contact us for a custom quote to meet your needs. For a general reference see pricing below:

Pet Waste Station Service - $12/visit for the first station, $10/visit for each additional station.

      - Includes exchanging trash liner and replacing bags in bag dispenser. Rolls of bags are billed as replaced at current pricing - typically around $9/roll.

Common Area Cleaning - Depends are area to be cleaned. Typically starts at $25/visit. Contact us for a free quote.

Common Area Services

Pet Waste Stations

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Residential Services