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“We’re pick’n up what your pet is put’n down.”

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YES!  Most states, counties and cities have scoop laws.  The fines vary but could cost you hundreds or even as much as $1,000!  The city of Englewood, NJ has an ordinance that requires pet owners to pick up pet waste at least weekly - on your own property!

Why the big fuss about pet waste?  It’s a big problem.  On average a dog leaves 1/3 a pound of waste every day!  For a county like Clark County, WA with more than 103,000 dogs that equates to more than six thousand tons of waste every year!  That’s a lot of crap, and I’m not just giving you a load of crap - it’s true!

Let’s be honest, pet waste is raw sewage.  It is smelly, but even worse it poses a health risk to your pet, family and our streams, rivers and lakes.

Let The Tail’s End take care of it for you.  We will quickly and regularly clean up after your pet leaving you with a clean, enjoyable yard and clear conscience.  Not to mention keep your pocket book safe from fines.

Could Not Picking Up Your Dog’s Poop Cost You?

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Clark County, WA

Scoop Fine - upto $250

Portland, OR

Scoop Fine - upto $150