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Despite what may be popular belief, dog poop does not make good fertilizer and does not compost well.  Most dogs’ diets are high in protein and do not contain the proper amounts of nutrients needed by your garden.  Think about it; dog poop burns your grass and turns it yellow.  Do you really think it has the necessary components your garden needs?

On the other hand, cattle poop contains much more pot-ash and a lot less nitrogen and contains more of the nutrients your garden requires.

A paper written by the University of Wisconsin, Madison identifies two major health concerns when considering dog & cat waste as a fertilizer.

The scientist stated “both dog and cat manure may contain organisms that cause human health problems.”  These hazards include roundworm, E. Coli and Giardia.

You may be thinking well, I will compost it.  Unfortunately, most backyard composts never reach the necessary temperature, more than 165 oF for nearly a week to sterilize the dog waste (the outer several inches never reach this necessary temp.)  

Additionally, according to The Dogginton Post, dog poop can also lead to Retinal Diseases in children.

So, while there are many sites online that will try and teach you how to compost dog poop, it would seem the potential benefits from trying to compost dog or cat poop (even if you can do it correctly) would be significantly outweighed by the risk factors, not to mention the time and energy required to do it.

Let The Tail’s End take care of pet waste clean up for you.  We will quickly and regularly clean up after your pet leaving you with a clean, enjoyable yard.  The Tail’s End is concerned about the environment and uses biodegradable bags for disposal, making us an easy, economical and eco-friendly option.

Dog Poop Is Not Fertilizer


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