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“We’re pick’n up what your pet is put’n down.”

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Common Area Pet Waste Removal

It’s all about being a good neighbor

The Tail’s End will remove pet waste from all your common areas keeping your community clean and beautiful.  Our uniformed staff will conduct rounds through playgrounds, grassy areas, paths and pools - looking for any place a dog has been, helping keep your community clean and safe.

We will carefully walk through each designated area locating and removing any pet waste - we will even remove loose trash while we are at it.

Even the best pet owner seldom picks up every poop.  Some times you just “miss - doo time”.  Over time these little misses add up to a big mess.  Dog poop does not really disappear - instead it washes into our streams and water supply - causing health risks to humans, pets, and wildlife.  

No body likes picking up after their pet - especially in the cold or heat. While most pet owners pick up after their pets as I am sure you have seen many do not.  Poop neglected through the winter freezes into the snow and ice and then six months later when the first thaw hits not only do you have a disgusting mess but a major health hazard.  Even if you never see snow - rain just makes poop a soggy mess and the longer it sits in the rain the harder it is to clean up.

While the choice is not ours we recommend any community with dogs receive regular common area cleanings.  Request more information - you will be surprised at how reasonable our rates are and we guarantee you will be pleased with each and every cleaning.

How often we scoop is up to you.  Most communities ask we visit at least weekly.  We can handle a specified time just right for you or we can simply show up weekly to clean your designated areas.  

No job is too big or small - give us a call!

Washington’s Department of Ecology has a FAQ on pet waste and if it is really necessary to scoop.  You can read more here.  

The Depart of Ecology has also put together a great paper on Pet Waste Management.  You can read more here.

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