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Pet Waste Stations

Is a pet waste station right for you?

You see them everywhere dogs frequent - pet stores, dog parks, community parks, etc. Sometimes pet waste stations are referred to as dog poop stations, or dog waste stations.

Pet waste stations can be an economical way for communities, HOAs, apartments and condos to provide dog owners a convenient way to “doo” the right thing and clean up after their dogs.

All stations have at least a poop bag dispenser & post. These dispensers can hold specially made poop bags or simply hold “re-purposed grocery bags” (if not properly secured grocery bags can blow free causing environmental concerns).  

Your better stations will also include a trash can to properly dispose of the cleaned up waste as well as a “scoop” reminder sign.  

The basics of a pet waste station are all the same - regardless of where you buy them.

Where do you place a pet waste station?

Pet waste stations are typically placed in high traffic areas such as along walking paths and intersections for the best results.

What should I consider when purchasing a waste station?

Evaluate the following when considering a pet waste station:

Make sure you have a well closing lid.  Changing a waste station bag that has poop mixed with rain water makes a nasty experience - not to mention smelly, disgusting and difficult.

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