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Part-Time and Full_Time POOPER SCOOPER

So you think you want to be a Professional Pooper Scooper? This is not a job for everyone, but if you are not squeamish, love working with dogs, enjoy being outdoors and are an independent worker, this job can be fun and rewarding.

If you're looking for a crappy job - we can deliver! If you can Do the Doo then we'll provide the poo! (Please forgive the puns but humor is not in short supply in this business...)

COVID-19 essential business. We are an essential business that has been able to continue to operate and grow throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to working independent, outdoors and with infrequent contact with customers we are a low-risk place of employment. Great employment opportunity for the immune compromised, or anyone with concern working in a high person to person contact job.

We cleanup, and remove dog waste from hundreds of residential yards and apartment communities across Clark County each week.

Our Business Stinks... but it's "Picking Up"!

We are a family owned company, managed with integrity, that has a good time serving others and learning humility while earning a good income. You would be based from your home-office (and vehicle) and rarely have to go see the "boss".

The Tail's End is looking for dependable, part-time Waste Removal Technicians (Pooper Scoopers) who have the availability to work one or two full days, Monday through Friday; rarely Saturday - NEVER Sunday.

We know family is important and so is some “down time”. Not only do you have weekends off you will also have the following holidays off:

We currently have routes that need to be filled, 4-8 hrs per week day, removing dog waste from people's yards.

We won't babysit you but do expect you to be honest, responsible, fast, intelligent, reliable, friendly, dependable, not afraid of large dogs or barking dogs, clean and very hard working. Do the work and we are easy going.

We pay a minimum of  $15.00+ an hour plus daily bonus for a job well done. After training we pay by the stop. It is very reasonable to make $18+/hr before bonuses and mileage reimbursement.

The ideal candidate for this position is anyone looking to work hard and make good money. Minimum lifting is 35 lbs - 65 lbs 20 to 30 times a day. We work all year round in rain, wind, extreme heat, snow, hail; we are like the postal service!

This is an all-year round job so if you are just looking for TEMP work do not apply.   However, if you want an easy going job where you can listen to music and enjoy a dog or two then this may be the right job for you.

Our job requirements are as follows:

- available Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm (adjustments can be made on a case by case basis)

- drug free (including marijuana)

- a valid drivers license

- reliable transportation 2000 or newer- preferably a small pick up truck. (However, any vehicle will do. We worked our business for several years from a small hatchback. You will be using your own vehicle.

- Smart phone with data and GPS abilities

- good vision, with or without glasses

-Able to walk uneven ground including up and down hills, over rocks, grass, mud and dirt use stairs, etc.

- be able to read and write English

- able to lift 35lbs to 65lbs

- follow directions by map and printed directions and GPS


- be able to walk a lot

-love dogs ( You can NOT have a fear of dogs. You will encounter large and barking dogs - they can sense fear.)

-enjoy working outdoors, even in winter months and poor weather conditions.

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